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File formats accepted by Hot Copy
To help you, we’ve listed below the papers we stocks, the formats we can read and a few tips on how to send your files.
Paper stock: 
We hold a large range of white stock, from 80gsm through to 350gsm (gsm is the weight of the stock and the higher the number the thicker the stock) available in both silk matt, silk gloss & colorTech stocks. A range of coloured paper stocks is also available in A4, A3 & SRA3 sizes. We don't carry the full range of the coloured stocks but if ordered before 4pm we can have it available next working day.

 Formats we can read: PDF(.pdf) Portable Document Format: a system for creating documents that can be read across different platforms

JPEG (.jpg) Joint Photographic Experts Group: a format popular for Web publishing

GIF(.gif) Graphics Interchange Format: a file format for storing graphical images up to 256 colours

PNG (.png) Portable Network Graphics: a newer and arguably better format for web graphics, combining GIF’s good compression with the JPEG’s unlimited colour palette; however, older browsers don’t suport it.

TIFF (.tif) Tagged Image File Format: these files can be saved for use on Macintosh's or Windows

EPS(.eps) Encapsulated Postscript: this can be used by both Macintoshes and PCs
.doc, .xls, .ppt, .psd: Photoshop Document layered files

How to send us your files:  Sending us your file in a pdf format is the safest & easiest way, this format locks all the fonts, text & graphics in the way you have set them out in your document.  If you are unable to pdf your file email it to us in your word, excel or PowerPoint form so we can pdf it for you then we will email it back to you for final proofing.

Check your document sizing is correct, A4 (210mm x 297mm) is the NZ standard page size some software programs come set with the Letter page size these can be change through page setup.

If you are requiring a full bleed finish on your document/s please allow a 3 to 5mm bleed with crop marks. If you need help with this call us on 04 499 6588, we will be able to explain it in more depth.

For Booklet finishes send your files to us in A4 single page format, we can imposition them into a booklet finish through our adobe acrobat software.

If you don't have the time or knowledge we can setup your files for you, a PDF poof will be emailed to you for proofing. If colour is critical we advise you to site a colour proof first.


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